Team Kuroshio X Prpmaster

Challenging the hidden depths of the oceans

CITIZEN WATCH CO., LTD. (under the contractual name PROMASTER) is the prime sponsor and official supplier backing the work of Team KUROSHIO, an underwater exploration team from Japan. Team KUROSHIO is tackling the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE*1, a competition to deliver technologies for rapid, wide area mapping of the sea floor. Since its debut in 1989, CITIZEN’s PROMASTER sports watch brand has exhibited outstanding levels of functionality, durability and safety in even the harshest environments. No wonder then that PROMASTER has won supporters worldwide as a watch that stirs the imagination and desire of explorers to take on the unknown. With “GO BEYOND”*2 as PROMASTER’s key message, our support of Team KUROSHIO as they face the unknown is deeply in synch with the PROMASTER brand.


Designed in collaboration with Team KUROSHIO, the model base is a diver’s watch with a built-in depth metre. Featuring blue reminiscent of the deep sea as a baseline colour, the model adopts orange as an accent colour in honor of the team’s autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). Only 1,000 of these watches exist, with each sold in a limited-edition box and with an engraved case back commemorating the collaboration.

AUV AU2000e(Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo)

Commemorative engravement

Includes limited-edition box

For more information about Team Kuroshio x Pormaster, check out


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