Quick Workouts Before You Go to Work


You can’t make excuses. You want to be healthy? You have to put the work in.


It’s a universal truth that one cannot create time. Sure, you can adjust certain activities to make time for others, but the fact still remains that everyone is left with 24 hours in a day to do everything that they want. If you’ve taken on a full-time job, you might think there isn’t enough time for exercise. A common misconception is that working out always takes a large amount of time. While workouts should ideally take around two hours, not everyone simply has this much time to spare.

Regular exercise can increase your energy levels, improve mental health, promote weight loss, and more. With benefits outweighing the costs, you’ll be better off working out. Quick exercises can be done for you to live a healthy life while taking into account your busy schedule.

  1. Stretching

    Feeling a bit groggy in the morning? This is the perfect exercise for you! Stretching will give you a boost of energy so you wouldn’t have to keep on hitting that snooze button in your alarm. It improves your posture. It also helps with your circulation to get your blood flowing to your limbs. Continuously doing stretches in the morning will help improve flexibility, as well as relieve aching joints and muscles.


  2. Walking

    If your workplace is about 10 minutes away, you can fit your daily exercise right there by walking to your office. Not only does this promote less pollution from vehicular use and allow for more monetary savings, but it can also greatly improve your cardiovascular health. By adding a couple hundred more steps every day, you can improve your stamina so you can engage in more tiring activities. A 20-minute walk is recommended for such exercise. The pace at which you walk differs according to your goal. If you aim to maintain your health, try doing 120 steps per minute. For weight loss, 135 steps per minute should do. Download a pedometer app in your phone to keep track of your steps! It’ll make things easier and more convenient for you.



  1. Free Weights

    If you’re fitness goal is to get toned, free weights are a must-have in your routine. It’s good for your circulation and it’s good for your muscles. The beauty of this routine is that it’s very customizable and convenient. On one hand, lighter weights with more repetitions are best for those who aim to burn calories. On the other hands, heavier weights with less repetitions are suitable for those who want to bulk up. This exercise can be done in the comforts of your own home. Don’t have gym weights? You can make your own by grabbing a bottle and filling it water until you reach your desired weight.


  2. Jump Rope

    This is another exercise aimed to improve cardiovascular health. This workout may not be suitable for everyone because it does take some practice before you can fully engage in it. Once you know how to use the jump rope, you’re good to go! This exercise improves both your stamina and coordination. It is also very portable and simple too. You only need the jump rope itself and you can use it to workout wherever you want.



Whatever your fitness goal might be, and no matter how little time you have, there will be a perfect kind of exercise out there for you. You can’t make excuses. You want to be healthy? You have to put the work in. Indeed, you can’t create time; but you can surely manage it.


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