Different Shirts That Men Wear

Shirts are a staple to men’s wardrobe. You wear them every day when you go out and you see plenty of other guys wearing them. However, you are mistaken if you think that you could button up the same shirt all the time. One must remember that there are different shirts worn for different purposes. The shirt that you pick will affect how you style your overall look for the day. Each shirt will match with a different kind of bottoms, shoes, and accessories. This makes it crucial for you to choose the right shirt.


Polo Shirt

Being used back in the 20s, the polo shirt was often worn by polo players. Its cotton mesh makes the shirt very breathable; suitable for the athletic activity it was intended to be worn in. This shirt is also characterized with a collar with two buttons and short-sleeves with cuffed armbands. This gives polo shirts a formal touch without overpowering its casual feel, making polo shirts very versatile. Nowadays, these shirts are being worn especially in sporty events. It is commonly worn by golf and tennis players. The rise in polo shirts can be traced back to the 70s, thanks to Ralph Lauren. All in all, a polo shirt is an essential for men who are physically active. A sports watch can come in handy to match this athletic yet sophisticated look.



Oxford Button-Down Shirt

For any event requiring a smart casual attire, this is the way to go. This kind of shirt is often characterized with a slightly thick material, button-down collar, and long cuffed sleeves. While this shirt in itself may appear to fall more on the formal side, it can be toned down by pairing it with jeans and wearing it without a tie. Its thicker material sets it apart from more formal wear such as dress shirts. This kind of shirt is worn best with a casual wear watch, for you to complete your everyday look.



Dress Shirt

At least once in your life, you will be attending a formal event. May it be you winning an award or going to someone’s wedding, a dress shirt will be a part of the proper attire. It is often made with Marcella fabric, which gives the shirt a crisp and clean look. This means you’d have to make sure this shirt is always ironed out if you want to look good. Other characteristics of a dress shirt include a bib, pointed collar, and double cuffs. This elegant look is completed with either a dark tuxedo or a dinner suit, as well as a matching tie. This is why dress shirts are usually white or pastel colored – to complement the dark clothing it is paired with. This uttermost formal attire is completed with a dress watch, which would be thin enough to go under the cuffs yet elegant to match your aesthetic.



Office Shirt (also known as Formal Shirt)

Sitting in between smart casual and completely formal, this shirt is suited best for business. It is characterized with poplin fabric, to make the shirt strong yet breathable. It has long sleeves and a pointed collar, which would look great with or without a tie. Its main purpose is for its wearer to be comfortable while looking sleek. It paints a picture of sophistication. This shirt would go best with a metal watch. What better way to show the world you’re down for business than with this attire?



Shirts are one of the building blocks to a man’s outfit. It needs to work with other pieces such as suit jackets, ties, bottoms, watches, and more. However, you must remember how much value that one building block holds. The shirt in itself can say so much about the person wearing it and it helps complete the overall image one aims to portray. If you aren’t careful with the shirt that you choose, the entire look you’re going for will crumble. After all, before people know you’re any good, you’ve got to look good.


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