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CITIZEN Ladies Timepiece Inspired by the moon

For CITIZEN, the beauty of nature has always been its biggest inspiration when it comes to creating its ladies mechanical timepieces. This March, the Japanese brand is launching four new timepieces inspired by the moon.

A celestial body that is both magical and mysterious, the moon has enraptured our poets, artists, musicians and designers for centuries, inspiring some of the greatest works in life. In Japan, the moon is known as one of the traditional themes of natural beauty in Japanese aesthetics, and has been a timeless source of inspiration for many of the nation’s artists. The Japanese have a beautiful saying: kachou fuugetsu (花鳥風月), which literally means Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon, but translates to ”Experience the beauty of nature, and in doing so, learn about yourself.” The four new models to join the CITIZEN Ladies Mechanical Collection capture this Japanese aesthetic on the dials, paying tribute to the enduring beauty and elegance of the moon.

Feminine, sophisticated and jewellery-like, much thought has been put into the design of the new Ladies Mechanical limited timepiece to bring the details of the moon to life. A distinct feature of the collection is the opening at the 4 o’clock position, which reveals the movement of the balance wheel – the ”beating heart” – to depict the beautiful flow of time that is intrinsic to nature. Around the open heart is an asymmetrical edge, a silver silhouette that depicts a shining crescent moon. On the dial, subtle blurring paintwork gives the impression of soft moonlight which forms an ethereal halo around the beating heart.

Capturing the brilliance of the moon and stars in the night sky, the hour markers of this collection are polished to resemble twinkling stars, while the minute track is decorated with circular lines inspired by the orbit of celestial bodies. The second hand comes with a diamond-tipped end, a mark of brilliance on the watch. The case and bracelet are mirror-polished to give a glossy and bright appearance, while the lugs and bezel are softly rounded to express the gentleness of a moonlit night. On the crown is a blue color glass ceramic, yet another endearing reference to a moonlit night.

The four versions include three regular models in stainless steel case with a silver dial, rose-gold plating case with a pale gold dial and two-tone pink gold and stainless steel plating case with a light pink dial. All three regular models come with matching bracelet straps. Debuting also is a limited edition piece in stainless steel case with a beautiful blue mother-of-pearl dial. Limited to 815 pieces worldwide, this moonlit version is fitted with a navy blue leather strap.

Apart from the aesthetic details, the case of the new model has also been reworked to make the watch sleeker and more comfortable on the wrist. The new case is thinner compared to the previous CITIZEN ladies mechanical watch, and sits just under 10mm for comfort. Inside beats the Calibre 6628, one of the smallest mechanical movements within the CITIZEN family, and high beat movements just like its Calibre 90 series.

The new CITIZEN Ladies Mechanical Collection comes packaged in a specially designed box that bears an illustration for kachou fuugetsu, with the moon, the flowers, a bird and a gentle breeze. In line with the brand’s sustainability efforts, the packaging is environmentally friendly, made with FSC-certified paper that supports the protection of our world’s forests in order to preserve the beauty of nature.

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