5 Watches You Need For Your Collection

Style and function have always gone hand-in-hand in a variety of fields, from clothing to homeware items. In any kind of purchase, these two qualities are always top of mind. Watches continue to be sold all around the world, as technology continues to develop.

Although the ultimate purpose is to tell time, watches can also serve other functions. A watch may help project the image an individual wants to portray to the world or further reinforce the perception that he already holds

Different circumstances call for different features and these can enable you to get the most out of your timepiece. Simply put, each watch is tailored for a different purpose. You cannot expect a watch made for formal wear to feel comfortable when worn while working out.


A collection, in its most basic definition, is simply owning different pieces or variants of a specific item.


This is the reason why it is not uncommon for one to own multiple watches—to own a collection of timepieces. A collection, in its most basic definition, is simply owning different pieces or variants of a specific item.

As with any collection, there are basic timepieces you should already have in your cabinet before moving on and investing into more pricey ones.


These kind of watches are, more often than not, worn mainly for aesthetic purposes. Unlike other types, these watches emphasize style over function. Dress watches can be identified through their simple and elegant construction. Numerals should be understated and simple. A dress watch should be thin enough to slip easily under your shirt cuff. These watches come with leather straps or bracelets, which give a touch of classiness and formality to the overall outfit of the wearer. (Photo: AR5030-59L / AR5044-03E / CC3015-57L)


This is a must-have watch for those who have their exercise schedules jotted down on their everyday routines. The rubber straps prevent chaffing—from the sweat and the rigorous movements a workout entails—that may be caused by metal or leather straps. The lighter weight allows for more movement and comfort. These watches usually include features such as water resistance, high pressure tolerance, and magnified glow-in-the dark characters for easier reading. (Photo: JY8078-01L / BN4045-12X / CA0710-82L)



Metal watches may also include dress and multifunction watches. It is a type of watch that can be worn either casually or sometimes, even formally. These watches may be worn in business functions as well as formal events as it conveys both sophistication and good taste. Some metal watches may also have features similar to those found in sports watches, making it the choice for individuals in a wide variety of fields such as business, aviation, and other similar pursuits. (Photo: CC9009-81E / AT8020-54L / CC9030-51E)



Your everyday watch. Casual watches fall somewhere in between dress watches and sports watches, and they come in a variety of appearances. Most casual wear watches are mainly characterized by simple construction that can be seen through the band or face design. To some, this watch goes with majority of the items in their wardrobe and this may be the watch that paints a close representation of themselves. This is the type of watch you wear while doing simple tasks such as carrying out errands or going out for a simple walk. (Photo: BZ1020-14E / BU2020-29X / CA4215-04W)



This is a must-have for people who always travel. This time piece is capable of displaying two timezones at once for you to coordinate your schedule and have a better grasp of time within and beyond your local area. This frees you from having to constantly check your phone or mentally calculate the time difference. With the new satellite wave technology, watches can automatically detect the change in location and adjust the time accordingly through capturing the time signals being emitted from satellites. (Photo: BL5540-53A / CA0690-88L / CC9030-51E)



Having a collection does not necessarily mean that you have to buy all kinds of watches at the same time.

Align your purchases with your priorities. Learn to invest and identify the watch you would need the most. If you think you lead an active lifestyle, purchase a sports watch first. If you believe that you often attend formal events, buy yourself a dress watch.

Watches have become one of the most traditional gifts that one individual can give to another. As time itself can be broken down into different milestones, there are different watches — each varying in style and purpose — that caters to each event. It is a present that is appropriate for many of life’s occasions. It can be given on birthdays, graduations, for when you get your first job, your first promotion, and many more.

Ultimately, watches are embodiments of what people value most — time. Such representation is valuable to many people. It concretely gives us a grasp on how valuable time really is. The time pieces you collect may as well be milestones in your hands.


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