Take a time-out and de-stress

Whenever we feel stressed we should take the time to de stress.

We all experience stress. Others may endure it on a daily basis and some might have the occasional stressed out remarks. But even if we often feel stressed or not, this feeling can take its toll not only emotionally but in every aspect of our well-being and that includes our body.


We all have different ways on how we cope up with stress. Some may find comfort in food, others may go for a vacation or some may channel their stress to different activities. Whenever we feel stressed we should take the time to de stress. Neglecting stress will be harmful for us overtime. We should make it a habit to do something that can make us whole again. Just take a time off and relax, this will help us get revitalized so that we can face the next bout of stress head on.


Many people will argue that they are not stressed. Being stressed is not a sign of weakness, admitting it is actually good. Know when to slow down and start to think and take care of oneself. If you don’t know what you can do to distress take a look at some of the tips below.


  • Meditation. The duration, the place and how you do it depend on you. Meditating means you relax your whole body, close your eyes and concentrate on something. Breathe slowly and stay calm.
  • Tea therapy. With the different kinds of tea, green tea is said to have that soothing effect. The theanine present gives the flavor and helps you be more relaxed.
  • Eat your way to happiness. Mood enhancing foods are the ones who make you feel better, happy and satisfied. Take a treat once in awhile.
  • Have your own space where you can relax. Being somewhere you can feel safe and calm will help you de stress.
  • Listening to music can make you calmer. Whatever your genre is, if it makes you feel good then go listen.
  • Go on a spa or get yourself a massage. Many have opt to get a massage once a week or more, not only does your body gets relaxed also your other senses if the spa includes other services such as aromatherapy and such.
  • Take a hot bath. The heat of the water can relax your muscles and sooth your mind. Use those soaps you have been keeping for this kind of bath.
  • Exercise. Exercise can make you feel energized and happy. Exercising boosts endorphins which helps reduce stress. There are many forms of exercise or workout routines, just choose what you enjoy the most.
  • Spend time with family and friends. Socializing can give you that much needed assurance that you have people around you that loves and supports you and that will make you forget all the stress you may have.


There are some people who choose to de stress in a different and unhealthy way. Stress relief choices such as smoking, excessive drinking and gambling are never a good idea. It may seem that you aren’t harming yourself but the truth is, you are stressing yourself and your body more when you choose this vices. Stay away from bad choices and learn how to de stress yourself wisely.


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