Watch Travel Tips

Do you have a trip coming up soon? Whether for work or for leisure, it is important to have a watch whenever you travel.

A watch helps you stay on track with your itinerary, especially if your schedule will be packed. If you’re jetting off to more than one location, you can also avoid timezone-related mix-ups by having the right timepiece. Lastly, having this vital men’s accessory basically completes your overall, savvy traveller look .


No matter where your destination will be, these watch travel tips will help you make the most out of your trip.



Make sure to pack the type of watch that is appropriate for what you will be doing:

  • Off to a leisurely beach getaway? A casual, water-resistant timepiece is a must-have.
  • About to embark on an adventure? It is better to be safe than sorry during a hiking or camping trip by having a heavy-duty watch that can withstand the elements. There are even specialty watches with emergency features such as distress beacons and the like.
  • Will you be attending any formal functions while you’re away? Be ready to look your best by having a classy dress watch ready.
  • Going to multiple destinations? Adventures abroad require a watch that can help you keep track of different time zones. This is where a GMT or worldtimer would come in handy.




For those who will bring more than one timepiece, a watch roll is an essential travel buddy. They are perfect for protecting any watch while on the go.  Check out ‘s Watch Roll Biscotto.




Remember to remove your watch when you’re about to get checked by airport or terminal security. When going through scanning devices, place your timepieces underneath your bag in order to help shield it from X-rays. Since doing this might not fully protect your accessory, one can also consider getting their watches de-magnetized.



Furthermore, travellers are advised to never include watches in check-in luggage. Instead, make sure to hand-carry them on the aircraft with you.

Recently, Customs personnel in several airports have also become extra strict when it comes to bringing in luxury watches. This is due to the limitations on importing several high-end watch brands into the country. Because of this, timepieces are better off worn by the traveller than packed.



When not in use, secure your watch (and other valuables) in a hotel safe. Also be alert while sight-seeing since sly pickpockets often target tourists using different types of modus. The last thing you will need is to have your trip ruined by someone who ran off with your watch.



A watch is a very useful travel companion no matter where you’re off to. Just keep these tips in mind to make sure that you enjoy every second of your trip.


By Erica Cortez-Araullo

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