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From Boys To Gentlemen: What Every Guy Should Know About Living, Loving and Looking Good

Throughout the years, so much has been said about how men should be like. However, how exactly can one still be a true gentleman in today’s crazy, fast-paced, and highly critical society?

We gathered different advice from both male and female experts. Here are some practical tips for three important aspects in every guy’s life.

Life 101

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Be an overall nice guy

Train yourself to choose doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Being genuinely compassionate and respectful towards others will also go a long way. Don’t take advantage of people. Ditch stereotypes by treating all types of individuals equally. Take the initiative to help people in need in whichever way you can.


Mind your words

Mature men do not need to use vulgar and offensive language to sound masculine. This goes for the careless use of terms related to sexual orientation, mental health, and the like. It is also quite unnecessary to pepper every sentence with S and F bombs. It might take some getting used to, but it helps to train yourself to use the right words when expressing yourself.


Respect other people’s opinions

Whether in the noisy world of social media or in real life, remember that others have the same freedom of expression as you. Not everyone will share the same ideology that you have. Avoid the need to stubbornly and unnecessarily defend your ideals to the point of being hostile. Also learn how to converse like a gentleman by being engaging yet eager to listen to others.



On Love and Women

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Being a gentleman is timeless

Some may argue that chivalry is dead. Nonetheless, being a gentleman will never change. Open doors.  Offer to give up your seat. Walk with a woman – not in front of her – and always stay on the street side of a lady. Equality issues aside, these are some of the rules that should be adapted even in today’s modern time.



In relation to the abovementioned advice, present-day ideology claims that dates should be paid equally by both parties. However, many believe that gentlemen should still take the initiative to spend for all date expenses as a sign of appreciation. If a lady offers to split the check, a guy may only accept if his date seems truly uncomfortable about not contributing anything.


He’s Just Not That Into You

Dating is tricky, but moreso for females. Once you’ve gotten to know someone, then make your intentions clear. However, if you’re not planning on calling her again as early as the end of a first date, then don’t string her along.



Look the Part

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Health is Wealth

A guy who is healthy naturally exudes confidence. Watch what you eat, drink enough water, get enough sleep, and have a fitness regimen. Push yourself to eliminate vices as their payback will surely come later in life whether you like it or not.


Follow a manageable grooming regimen

Avoid looking haggard. There are a lot of good skincare and haircare products out there that can help you look fresher. Have a regular schedule for your cut and shave. If you can afford spending past your usual neighborhood barber, try visiting one of those sleek and trendy barberdasheries. The extra special service will instantly invigorate you and will be worth the extra bucks.


Dress to impress

Being appropriately attired is proof of being well-mannered. Regardless of how laid-back or extravagant an event is, you need to know the right type of outfit for different activities. Dispose ill-fitting clothing with sleeves that are too short, collars that are too tight, waistlines that are too loose, and colors that are already faded – they will only make you look sloppy. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to accessorize using watches and eyewear.


By Erica Cortez-Araullo