Circuit Training

The main goal of circuit training is to do more work in less time


Different methods of exercise have been introduced to the society for the past years. This strategy is done to further promote a healthy lifestyle regardless of your age or gender. Whatever your preferences are, surely there is a right fit or form of exercise for you. Unfortunately, even with the widespread promotion of how to be fit and healthy is done, and even if the knowledge of what exercise can do for you, not everyone adapts to the lifestyle. Most common reason is time. In a person’s busy life, time is of the essence. Whatever your status may be, time is always the main reason for others not to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. Luckily, for those who have less time in their hands, there is a right form of exercise for you, and that is circuit training.




Circuit training is a series of exercises in which your body is conditioned and trained for resistance using high intensity aerobics and strength training exercises with minimum rest in between sets. Basically, this form of training builds muscular and bodily strength and endurance. It is called circuit training because it involves one completion of all stated exercises. When one has finished a circuit of exercises, the next circuit begins. The number of repetition and type of exercise you do depends on your goals and fitness level. A typical training is intense and fast. It can last for as short as 12 minutes and some may opt to go longer. The main goal of circuit training is to do more work in less time.


Still not convinced? Below are some reasons why circuit training is good.


  • Circuit training increases your strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance thus giving you maximum results in a small amount of time.
  • The mixture of cardio and strength training will make the routine more enjoyable and challenging. Mostly for those who have experienced this type of training gets hooked because of its fast paced routine that gets them hooked and eliminates the possibility of being bored.
  • It challenges both your body and your mind. Because of the intensity of your workout, you are trained to be more focused and tough to be able to finish each circuit thus making your mind and body work double time.
  • Boost your metabolism. The high intensity workout and lifting boosts your fat burning metabolism into high speed. The more you work the more calories you burn. Even after you have finished working out your metabolism continues to burn fats.
  • With this training more growth hormones are released in the body. This will also help in fat loss which can change your over all body composition.


A word of caution, if you are new to this scene, it is better to undergo training with a professional trainer. The key for this training to be effective is the proper form and execution, in this way you will learn the proper ways, develop discipline and avoid unnecessary injuries. So, what are you waiting for? No more excuses and start training!


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