CITIZEN L announces sparkling new 24-diamond square-case watch models.

CITIZEN is pleased to announce new models for the CITIZEN L series featuring exclusive 24-diamond square-case designs, especially crafted to evoke a sense of brightness for the future for the empowered woman.

The communication concept — “Brave is Beautiful” — expresses CITIZEN L’s idea of the contemporary woman whose individuality drives her brilliance for the future.

Released as three new elegant models, each watch features 24 diamonds totaling 0.1 carats on and within the case, which personifies women’s blossoming beauty and hidden intimate thoughts.

EG7061-15E (1)

Parallel on each side of the case, 10 diamonds are set in symmetrical lines symbolizing a bold straight road to the future. The case consists of four parts, with separate lustre appearances on the side and case body, which produces a gorgeous contrast and a stereoscopic look of a natural gleam as well as the distinct brilliant shine of jewellery. What’s more, two large diamonds are set on the glass surface with two additional diamonds on the dial, all designed to achieve an ethereal field of depth and refined elegance.

A further set of three models, released at the same time, features a simple, yet provocative square design that accentuates the clean brilliance and bold cut on the curved sapphire glass in contrast to the subtlety of the rounded case. The overall design signifies both the inner strength and graceful beauty of women. The bright mother-of-pearl dial further emphasizes the unique brilliance of the contrasting features.

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The dual characteristics of the model design take into consideration CITIZEN’s deep-rooted respect for the environment and human individuality. These are actualised by incorporating Eco-Drive *1 technology, which eliminates the need to replace batteries and requires only light – available anywhere on the planet – to power the watches.

*1: Eco-Drive is CITIZEN’s proprietary technology that powers watches using any natural or artificial light source, eliminating the need to replace batteries. Certified as an Eco Mark product for the first time in the watch industry.


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