A fashion guide in wearing watches

A watch is no longer something that is used to tell us the time, it has become an important part of our outfit.

Watches is considered a staple in any wardrobe. With different styles, colors and materials, any watch can be paired in whatever attire you are planning to wear. Although, not everyone is really a watch person, I am sure that even once in your life you owned or worn one. With all the choices to date, there are still some unwritten fashion rules when it comes to wearing watches. One cannot simply wear their favorite watch in a formal event, well that depends on the style, color, look and material of the watch. Anyway, it is important for those who likes to wear watches to know more about pairing them depending on the clothes you wear or the occasion you are attending.

Regardless of ones gender, even if men will mostly debate that watches are there jewelries, women have also embraced it as something that completes their fashion ensemble. Here are some fashion guides in wearing your watches.

  • Always wear a watch that fits your wrist right. If a watch is too lose or if it too tight it’s a big no-no, first and foremost, it doesn’t look good, secondly it loses it’s functionality and lastly, it would be a great hindrance to you if you feel uncomfortable wearing it, so if ever this is the case, go to your watch sellers, they can adjust your watch for you.
  • Place your watch on the wrist that is opposite your dominant hand. Not only will it be more comfortable for you, it will not hinder your movements and you can avoid feeling akward.
  • Appoint your everyday watch. Choose something simple and functional. Depending on your lifestyle choose a watch that is versatile, inexpensive and durable for everyday use. And yes, check to see if it suits your outfit, e.g rugged outfits can be pared with casual watches.
  • Have a formal watch. Most of the time formal watches are silver, gold or the metal ones with minimal design. For women, watches should match their necklace or bracelet. For men, it should be in sync with their cuff links and tie pins.
  • For those with an active lifestyle, have your own sports watch. Many brands have already developed their own line of sports watches that can suit any athlete or active individual based on their sport or activity. It is up to you to decide which one best suits you. But remember never ever wear a sports watch in formal gatherings or important meetings.

The statements above are the simplest and most important fashion tips when it comes to wearing watches, remember, just like fashion, our watches have also evolved. It is no longer something that is used to tell us the time, it has become an important part of our outfit. Just like the wearer, all watches have their own personality that will compliment the person who will wear it. Choosing your watch is just as fun as mixing and matching your clothes. Enjoy it and embrace it!


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