Strength and Stamina Boosting Exercise

“Exercise can make your activities last longer and you can perform other positions with ease and without the fear of straining or having sore muscles afterwards . . .”


With men, strength and stamina are very important and when it comes to matters in bed, both factors are what men primarily focus on. For those who workout or exercise frequently, they have more advantage when it comes to their stamina and strength but for those who are not keeping up or have a more sedentary lifestyle this could pose as a challenge. Fortunately, there are simple exercises that men can do to boost their strength and stamina, the following tips are below:


Walking, Jogging, Running, Cycling Outside or Using a Stationary Bike


By doing one or more of these activities your body will be conditioned to be more energetic and your stamina will increase in time. You can start small, incorporate it in your daily lives, you don’t need to pressure yourself in joining marathons or groups, you can do it without even noticing you are actually training your body. Choose to walk when travelling short distances, use the stairs instead of the elevator and bike around your neighbourhood and use it as a means to relax, in time you will reap the benefits.



This activity is fun and it is a good form of aerobics exercise. It is also a good muscle building exercise for strength since the water provides resistance that challenges the muscles to exert extra effort thus making it more beneficial in terms of strength.

Planking and Push ups


It is something you can do anywhere and at your own convenience. It trains your upper body, the benefits of which is that you can easily support your body weight longer which is also what men need when performing the act. Core muscles are also included in this exercise. To further train the core, add sit ups to the mix.

Squats and Lunges


Another exercise you can do anywhere and anytime. It trains and strengthens the lower body needed for men who like to work more in bed. Also, strengthening your leg muscles improves flexibility for a wider range of movements.

Pelvic floor muscle movements


This movement involves you sitting comfortably and squeezing the muscles 10-15 times in a row. It is like pretending you have to urinate and holding it. It may seem more for women, actually women call it Kegel exercises but it also helps with men for the reason that it can help boost erections at the same time men gain control over their urinary incontinence.


With those simple exercises you can make your bedroom activities last longer and you can perform other positions with ease and without the fear of straining or having sore muscles afterwards,you might even surprise your partner with your new found stregth and stamina. So, what are you waiting for! Start your strength and stamina boosting exercise now!



By: ASK THE BLACKRHINO (@AskTheBlackrhino)

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