CITIZEN Titanium Technology
50th Anniversary Limited Model

Limited to 550 units worldwide, this model encapsulates the essence of the titanium technology CITIZEN has evolved over the past 50 years.

This Super Titanium™ model which marks half a century of CITIZEN titanium technology. It demonstrates the best qualities of CITIZEN titanium-processing and surface-hardening technologies. It combines beautiful sculptural forms with clean lines and sharp edges, precisely calibrated two-piece case construction, and two-tone colouring using Duratect DLC and Duratect Sakura Pink. Inspired by themes of outer space and GPS satellites, its distinct design is a nod to our upcoming collaboration which will deploy Super Titanium™ in the new arena of space exploration.

A titanium watch is a thing of beauty.

The sheen, the colour, the perfect finish of every detail. It all comes down to Super Titanium™. The watch is an object of beauty born of the processing and surface-hardening technologies unique to CITIZEN.


1. Precision-engineered two-piece case construction

The two-piece case construction fits together beautifully. The whole design depends on the extremely precise calculations and could only be realized thanks to the precise processing technologies CITIZEN has developed over the years.

2. All-encompassing elegance that symbolises innovation

Itself a microcosm of innovation, The Super Titanium ™ body has a sculptural form whose bold edges seem themselves to be pushing the technology envelope. That same sharpness is applied uncompromisingly to every detail of the watch, from case to band.

3. Two versions of Duratect for two-tone colouring

The 50th anniversary model must look uniquely elegant. That’s why Citizen opted to use a combination of two surface-hardening technologies: Duratect DLC and Duratect Sakura Pink. The result is rich and expressive colouration coupled with sturdy scratch resistance.

4. Design and functions both derives from space

As well as featuring Satellite Wave GPS, which receives position information and a time signal from GPS satellites, this model uses Super Titanium™ for the case and band. Super Titanium™ will be deployed in two upcoming HAKUTO-R missions to the moon. With components arranged in six distinct strata, the multilayer design of the watch face evokes the infinite depths of outer space.

Projected launch timing: Winter 2020.

Case size: 47.5mm

Case thickness: 14.7mm

Crystal: Sapphire crystal
with anti-reflective coating

Case: Super Titatium
( Duratect DLC/Duratect Sakura Pink)

Band: Super Titanium
(Duratect DLC)

Caliber: F950

Eco-Drive: Running for 5 years on full charge (in power save mode)

Other Specifications: Accuracy of +- seconds per month (without time signal reception) / W.R. 10 Bar/Satellite Wave GPS / 1/20 second chronograph measures 24 hurs


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