The new CITIZEN PROMASTER Eco-Drive1 Diver 200m

Inspired by CITIZEN’s iconic 1982 Professional Diver watch

The CITIZEN PROMASTER brand captures the imagination of sports professionals around the world with highly functional sports watches. Three new Eco-Drive Diver 200m watches are being launched featuring designs inspired by the original 1982 CITIZEN diver’s watch. This iconic watch had the highest depth rating in the world – pressure resistance up to 1,300 meters – at the time of its release.

CITIZEN’s iconic Professional Diver watch boasted the highest depth rating in the world back in 1982, with pressure resistance up to an incredible 1,300 meters. The lug-free case silhouette, the four bezel guards, and the large indentations on the rotating bezel gave the watch a bold, distinctive look. Three new Eco-Drive Diver 200m watches provide an updated modern take on this unique world-first watch. The rounded, chunky shape of the case combines with the striking indentations on the bezel to create a tough, sporty look. These three new models also feature a sandblasted finish to recreate the distinctive rugged look of the original model. The BN0220-16E with its titanium grey color features a Super TitaniumTM case with Duratect MRK, and the dial and the color scheme are reminiscent of the original 1982 design. The blue camouflage BN0227-09L model and green camouflage BN0228-06W model are inspired by street culture, and have a darker color scheme using a combination of Duratect MRK and Duratect DLC. These new models feature enhanced visibility of the hands and bezel, providing a more refined interpretation of the original bold design. The 46.5mm case is the same size as the original, but the case thickness has been reduced slightly to improve the fit.

These light powered Eco-Drive watches do not require regular battery replacement, and feature ISO compliant water resistance to 200 meters.

Product Features

Eco-Drive diver’s watches inspired by the iconic 1982 Professional Diver 1300m

  • Design remains faithful to the spirit of the original 1982 model with a sandblasted case finish,made possible by the development of a completely new finishing technique
  • Lug-free case design
  • Four bezel guards extending outward
  • Rotating bezel with large indentations
  • Striking hands and bold design with an aluminum ring on the bezel for better visibility

The BN0227-09L and BN0228-06W models are inspired by nature, and partial proceeds from the sales of these two models will support the marine conservation activities of Conservation International, an international NGO that is working to protect the critical benefits that nature provides to people through science, partnerships and fieldwork. Citizen’s support of Conservation International started as part of the CITIZEN PROMASTER Save the BEYOND campaign that was launched in 2019.

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