CITIZEN LNew model themed on “water”

Introducing new models
with a water theme in the Ambiluna Collection,
signature line of CITIZEN L

The CITIZEN L design motif: The Sense of Wonder.
Seeking inspiration in the beauty and mystery of nature.
The light and the air, elusive yet real.
The majestic forms of the natural world.
The pure, instinctual vitality of living creatures.
Look around you. Our world is full of wonders.

Deep as the sea.
Soft as water

Water, the source of all life, is the design motif of this model. Depending on the viewing angle, the dial changes from bright blue to darker blue in an evocation of the shimmering light on the seabed. Shining like a magical water droplet against this mutable background, a single lab-grown diamond sits at 12 o’clock. The strap is fibre made of recycled plastic bottles collected from rivers and beaches. This model expresses the fluidity of water in motion and the profundity of the sea, mother of all life.


Brand product nameCITIZEN L Ambilna
Launch (Projected)September 2021
Price (projected)USD445.00
Case (color)Super Titanium™
Duratect*6 Platinum
(Light Silver Color)
Band (color)Textile / Dark Navy
GlassSpherical sapphire glass
Dial colorDark Navy
(Single lab-grown diamond)
Case diame-ter/thickness31.00 mm / 6.0mm (design specification only)
CO2 emission8.3kg
SpecificationCal.G620 / Accuracy ±15 seconds / Eco-Drive running for 8 months on full charge / W.R. 5 BAR

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