Citizen Future Force

The Citizen Future Force series symbolizes the rigid spirit of bravely attacking the future and creates unlimited possibilities with extraordinary courage. The atmospheric and classic design creates an extraordinary style with a sense of power and action, and also symbolizes the individuality and spirit of independent breakthrough. 

With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and developing professional PILOT watches, Citizen uses this as a basis of design to create a brand new Future Force series – a Pilot-look watch model, integrating aviation, military and retro elements.


Design of Classic Aesthetic

Aesthetically, the Future Force collection is characterized by a simpler design and is inspired by the main types of pilot watches that have appeared over the years throughout the history of aviation

A tribute to Aviation History

The Future Force collection draws inspiration from these early pilot watches, taking on their design attributes but giving them a modern spin in the underlying technologies used to build them.

For more information about watch models of Citizen, please visit


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