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Citizen PROMASTER Limited Edition Timepieces

CITIZEN Launches 30th Anniversary PROMASTER Limited Edition Timepieces. 
Three professional models: SKY, LAND, and MARINE series.

CITIZEN’s flagship PROMASTER brand has captured the imagination and admiration of sports professionals around the world for 30 years. In celebration, the company announces three commemorative PROMASTER models, one for each in the series: SKY, LAND, and MARINE.


SKY series

Professional pilot watch — high-end SKY series.
Rugged case, bold multi-layer face design and comprehensive specifications with aviation scale.

  • Features high-end light-powered Eco-Drive movement with SATELLITE WAVE GPS Cal. F990.
  • Twice the spinning speed of hour and minute hands for HOME time corrections (compared to previous model)
  • High-speed twin-coil motor reduces the time required for hand movements forward or reverse (equivalent to 360° moving of minute hand) in less than one second.
  • Receives a time signal from a GPS satellite in a minimum of 3 seconds
  • Corrects time and calendar by syncing with GPS satellites (for any 39 cities)
  • Shows the time in two different world time zones simultaneously, and it switches home time and local time in one instant step.
  • 1/1 second chronograph measures 24 hours.
  • Light-Level Indicator detects and displays the intensity of light striking the dial in seven sensitivity levels.
  • Features aviation scale and design using ground-air visual signal codes to enhance the characteristics as a professional pilot watch.
  • Super Titanium™ comes with special surface hardening technology combining Duratect DLC/MRK that resists scratches and other damage.


  • Inspired by cockpit instruments and heads-up display.
  • Combines rugged case and bold-looking multi-layer face structure that features five separate layers of mechanics.
  • Ground-breaking design structure putting hands between base dial and clear dial that seems to float above.
  • Unique bezel design featuring ground-air visual signal codes.
  • Larger indexes and hands with luminescence and orange colour accent ensure greater visibility.
  • 30th anniversary logo and serial number are stamped on the case back.


LAND series

Tough titanium exterior with newly developed “Duratect MRK Gold”
Light-weight and robust Eco-Drive watch with analogue altimeter for professionals.


  • Altimeter measures from 10,000m from ground level — higher than the tallest mountain on the Earth — to minus 300m below sea level.
  • Displays all information in analogue.
  • Displays altitude or orientation while maintaining display time.
  • Uses three hands to display altitude for more accuracy.
  • Super Titanium™ comes in gold-colour case with newly developed surface hardening technology Duratect MRK Gold that resists scratches and other damage.
  • Back lid contact layer cover prevents the wearer’s skin from touching the cold metal of back lid for usage under extreme cold conditions.
  • Features synthesised urethane and nylon materials band for enhanced durability and comfortable wear.


  • Simple layout dial for enhanced visibility to display various information.
  • Stylish colour scheme using navy, gold and black enhances functional beauty.
  • Features different colours between hour and minute hands and display hand information for intuitive operation.
  • 30th anniversary logo and serial number are stamped on the case back.


MARINE series

Authentic diver watch with Eco-Drive technology and specialized analogue depth indicator.
Combines high performance for challenging conditions, and stylish appearance for ordinary wear.


  • Compliant with ISO and JIS, the watch features water resistance for diving to 200m.
  • Displays time and depth of up to 70m simultaneously in analogue.
  • Features functions for enhanced safety, including power reserve indicator, dive alarm for excess speed while ascending, water sensor, screw-locking crown, screw-locking buttons and unidirectional bezel.


  • Features larger easy-to-read hands and simple index design.
  • Luminous for higher visibility using different colors, such as green for time indication and blue for depth indication.
  • Scale pitch of depth indicator wider from 0m to 40m below sea level for easier visibility and dynamic movement.
  • Stylish size and colour tones that ideally fit sporty fashion for ordinary usage.
  • Includes a separate band extension for flexible adjustments for ocean wear and ordinary usage.
  • 30th anniversary logo and serial number are stamped on the case back.