Citizen Promaster: Collection of professional-grade sports watches

Promaster is Citizen watch collection of professional-grade sports watches with an appeal for the everyday adventurer. Looking to the past, the brand reflects on the rich history of timekeeping innovation; Promaster has always been inspired by great adventures, with the highest levels of functionality and endurance for each category in Air, Land, and Sea. As time moves forward, CITIZEN continues its tradition of bold innovation in technology and style.

Shock counteraction function
Keeping the hands in position

Whether you’re at sea, on land or up in the sky, any obstacle-rich environment comes with the risk of bumping your PROMASTER and knocking the hands out of place. CITIZEN developed its proprietary shock counteraction function to address that problem. The instant your watch experiences a shock or strong vibration, an electrical signal is sent to the motor, momentarily locking the rotor to prevent the hands from moving out of place. The whole operation takes just one-thousandth of a second, meaning that the watch has prevented any deviation and resumed telling the right time before you’ve even noticed the impact!

At CITIZEN, the company recognise that the basic function of a watch is above all to always display the correct time. That’s why they make repeated tests using hammers and sophisticated measuring devices to verify this particular function.  A professional sports watch must display the correct time regardless of extreme conditions. That’s why the shock counteraction function is so valuable.

Keeping the hands in position
Automatic hand correction function

This function goes into action in the unlikely event of the hands deviating from the correct time. It checks the position of the hands at regular intervals, and automatically returns the hands to the correct position in the event of any error. Combining this function with the shock counteraction function means that your watch maintains its accuracy even in environments where exposure to shocks and bumps is high.

Eco-Drive light powered technology
No need to replace batteries

Almost all PROMASTER watches are powered by light, a source of energy that is accessible anywhere on Earth. It is Eco-Drive, CITIZEN’s proprietary light-powered technology, that makes this possible. Eco-Drive generates energy to drive the watch even from dim light and stores the surplus in a rechargeable cell. On a single full charge, it can run for up to six months in total darkness,* eliminating the need to replace or recharge batteries. 

Citizen have worked to reduce Eco-Drive’s energy consumption so that sophisticated functions like the depth meter and altimeter can run alongside the core time-keeping function. Eco-Drive continues to evolve, opening up exciting new possibilities for PROMASTER.

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