Bigger and better at 44mm


The original Promaster NY004 diving watch that was released in 1989 was the basis for the new generation of Citizen Asia Limited Promaster NY008 series watches that were released since 2018. These two collections, with the first in 2018 coming mainly on rubber straps, and the second in 2019, coming on stainless steel bracelets, have been a critical and commercial success.

Fans of CITIZEN have lauded these collections for their robust technical features, the unique back story of the original Promaster NY004 series being used by the Italian Navy, and the affordable price point that made them accessible to everyone. Most interesting however, the Citizen Asia Limited Promaster NY008 series came with an engraving of a “Fugu”, or Japanese for “pufferfish” on the caseback, which was in acknowledgement of the nickname given to the original Promaster NY004 series diver by fans. This was due to the distinctive shape of the bezel – designed with curved and sharp edges that made it easy to grip in wet conditions – that reminded fans of the pufferfish.

With the aesthetics of the original firmly established, CITIZEN has decided to use the same well-loved formula found in the 42mm Promaster NY008 series and create a new version in a larger 44mm size. This not only comes in line with modern preferences, but gives another option for fans to be able to choose the size that fits them better.

In the new, Citizen Asia Limited Promaster NY011 series, the signature design elements have been retained, such as the bezel with serrated teeth for easy gripping in wet conditions, as well as the new design of the hour markers that was introduced in the Promaster NY008 series in 2018.

The new collection though is not just about a larger 44m case size. In fact, aside from this, there are a number of new features that the collection introduces to the family of the Citizen Asia Limited series, that watch fans will certainly appreciate.

New features

The headline feature of the Citizen Asia Limited Promaster NY011 series might be the larger 44mm case size, but there are other notable ones that greatly increase the value proposition on offer. These technical additions not only increase the performance of the watch for diving, but also make the overall ownership experience more satisfying.

The first feature is the use of a sapphire crystal instead of the mineral crystal that was used in the previous Promaster NY008 series. Sapphire crystal is more expensive and typically used in watches that are higher in price. This is because of its main advantage, in that it is a harder material that resists scratches. This means that it will resist rough handling better, and allow the crystal to retain its function of allowing the owner to read the time clearly. This is in contrast to a mineral crystal, which can pick up scuffs and scratches over time which can mar the look and functionality of the watch.

In terms of the diving bezel, there is a notable upgrade in functionality. This time, the Citizen Asia Limited Promaster NY011 series comes with 120 clicks as opposed to the 60 clicks of the previous collections. This means that it has the ability to more precisely define a dive time when it in used. Additionally, it also means a better feel in the hand as the bezel is rotated since it is more precisely made to higher tolerances.

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