A fun, convenient watch for everyone

Citizen global launched a new watch model that can be used by anyone, including blind and visually impaired people. This new product was planned and developed together with a variety of potential users, based on the principles of inclusive design.  Inclusive-design is about creating products that can be used by a wide diversity of people, whatever their needs or disabilities. This is achieved by incorporating input from excluded minority groups into the product development process.

Citizen model AC2200-55E, an inclusively designed watch for the blind and visually impaired is intended to be easy-to-use for everyone. Designers adopted an inclusive design approach, incorporating the views of a range of potential users from the planning and development stages.  (READ MORE )

Traditionally, most watches for the blind or visually impaired suffered from the same two problems: their design was inferior to other watches, and they were immediately identifiable as watches for a very specific demographic.

The brand’s goal is to design a watch that everyone, visually impaired or not, could use and enjoy equally. Thus, the company developed a model that combines high-level design and high-level usability.

Case / BandStainless steel / Stainless steel
CrystalCrystal glass
Dial ColorBlack
Case Diameter / Thickness34.9 mm / 7.5 mm
Power SourceBattery
FunctionsCal. 6029 / Accuracy of ±20 sec per month / Not waterproof
ManualsBraille Instruction Manual, Audio CD Instruction Manual

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