Citizen Eco-Drive Riiiver


A watch of infinite possibilities.

Eco-Drive Riiiver goes beyond the ordinary concept of a watch. It will “update” your lifestyle and change the way you live. It is a watch that does so much more than just display the time. It expands what you can do, and the fun you can have with your watch, to an infinite degree. The only limit is your creativity.


Get the watch hands to point you in the direction of a nearby café. Check up on the score of a big game. Use a unique shared signal to arrange a meet up with your friends. Link your watch with “Riiiver” to open up infinite possibilities.

Discover ways of enjoying time that are completely unique to you.



Eco-Drive Riiiver is a watch that does much more than simply tell the time. It’s a life-hackable device that can be used and enjoyed in multiple ways. The only limit is your creativity. With a design inspired by code editors and terminal windows, editability is the watch’s most distinctive feature. Eco-Drive Riiiver gives users the freedom to customise the watch’s functions and to use the hands for more than just indicating the time.




The user sets the watch’s functions.

Freedom is the most distinctive thing about Eco-Drive Riiiver. Users can customise the watch’s functions the way they want.


To express this characteristic of the watch as vividly as possible (and to show that it’s moved beyond the traditional time-telling role), we stripped away many of the standard watch markings and decorative elements to create a simple design that offers space: space for users to move in and do their own thing.



Both hands the same length.


In an ordinary watch, the hour hand is short and the minute hand long. But with Eco-Drive Riiiver, the hour hand and the minute hand are the same length. As a result, the hands are not limited to simply displaying the time. They can perform a range of other tasks, from telling you match scores to acting as a meter to measure things.


Same-colour push buttonand subdial.


For optimum visibility and easy operation, the push button and subdial are the same colour. A simple push of the push button is enough to change mode or to display alerts on the subdial. The design is focused on two things: the clear display of information and connectivity with other devices.


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